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Net3 Services also builds internet applications.
From simple feedback forms to fully interactive e-commerce applications.

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Database Design
Net3 Services designs web-based database applications (or database-driven website) that allow your customers to shop and order online, browse and search catalogs, perform research, and receive personalized information. It is through these database applications that the World Wide Web becomes the medium for the next century.

Why web-database integration?

Database-driven web site deployment offers the ability to separate content from presentation. Development costs are reduced by first storing the desired information in a database or accessing existing databases. Then, a limited number of templates are created to display different categories of information. Finally, the web pages are generated automatically using the defined templates and data from the database. This approach is much more efficient than creating every individual web page and link 'by hand'.

The burden of ongoing site maintenance is also greatly reduced using database integration technology. Web pages can be updated dynamically by changing the information in the database itself. Changing information in the database takes much less time than manually creating new web pages or editing web pages by hand. Creating an HTML template once and merging it with new content is a more reliable way to publish information with a consistent layout no matter how many times the content of the page may change.

Database integration technology also enhances web interactivity. For example, an automated search agent can search your database periodically for information of interest to your customers, and it can e-mail the results. Your database-integrated site can automatically alert customers to new product releases or price changes, or forward web-generated leads to sales representatives and distributors instantly.

Some areas of our expertise are:

  • User profile management
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing and billing system
  • Online catalogs
  • Message Board or Forum
  • Search Engines
  • Ecommerce inventory
  • Mailing list signups
  • Employee databases
  • Job openings
  • Online appointments/scheduling
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